Tips to wear silk scarf, silk scarfDo you have fascination for silk scarf but do not know how to wear it the right way? Well, silk scarf is a great way to add glamour and style to your appearance. A simple dress can totally change into a gorgeous one by the addition of a good silk scarf. There are many types of scarf available in the market but the most important factor is to wear it appropriately.

Here is a look at the 3 ways of wearing a silk scarf. First one is for the elegant look; you will need to let the scarf loose in the front. It has to be placed at the backside of neck. Secondly, you can use the silk scarf as a head accessory and wear it as a headband or wrap your pigtail with the silk scarf. Finally, if the scarf is a bit wide, you can use it as a Stoll or shawl and wrap the shoulders with it.