wedding guestInvited to your colleague’s wedding and cannot decide what to wear? Well, this is a situation almost everyone is familiar with. No matter which dress you choose for the wedding, you should be aware of the five biggest mistakes that you should steer clear of. The first mistake is to wear white. It is the bride who usually wears white so try not to wear a white dress unless it has some very bold colored patterns.

The second mistake is to wear black. Black actually shows disapproval of the marriage and also signifies mourning. So it’s best to leave black dresses out. The third mistake is wearing bright red dresses. Red draws attention and it’s not great attracting the eye during your friend’s wedding. Stick to pale or muted shades of red. The fourth mistake is ignoring the wedding dress code. Always stick to the style of outfit mentioned in the invitation card. The fifth mistake is, dressing like a bridesmaid. Since you are attending the wedding as a guest your dress should not be too similar to the bridesmaids’ dresses either.