Do you have your wedding coming up? Well, the article here offers some very effective make up techniques for the new bashful bride. Firstly, go for a good facial four days prior to the occasion since the real effect and glow of the facial takes time to appear.

Always opt for the highly resistant and waterproof lipstick and apply it in 2 layers with the brush and coat with lip balm since a bride has to kiss numerous people on her wedding day. Then, your entire make-up like your lip-liner, lipstick, and hair color and eyeliner must be in sync and well coordinated with the overall look.

Apply a waterproof foundation cream on your darker portions like the jaw line, neck, under eye region and the chin and coat it evenly. Apply it on your belly, shoulders and back too if you are wearing a stylish wedding gown. Never go for pink blushers as it fades quickly and try out the powder based ones for longer resistance and durability.