Wedding is one occasion which a groom and bride will never forget their entire life. It is very special moment for them and to make it even more remembering and to be a special part of it you should gift them a personalized wedding gift so that the couple remembers you whenever they see the gift. Following are 8 tips or ideas on what types of personalized gifts can you come up with for the couple.

1. Get a wine bottle for them with a label containing a special message
2. An apron with a personalized printed words like ”A cook only for my hubby”
3. A frame with their picture together or their names combines inside a heart
4. A bud vase with a personalized design
5. A set of pillows for the couple with special quotes printed on it
6. Ceramic dishes in the form of letters
7. Personalized mugs or class set
8. Personalized jewelry set