Many people mix up formal dressing with boring and monotonous office wear. Are you absolutely tired of wearing the same old colors and patterns everyday to work? Well, if so, then some great news awaits for you. Just because you have to stick to a proper dress code, that doesn’t necessarily imply that you have to look boring and less fabulous. With simple tricks up your sleeve you to give your office wear a major facelift, which will completely change your work look.

First, why stick to just pastel shades. You can always pick nice bright yet sober hued shirts for work. Pin stripes and bold stripes also work quite wonderfully, especially if they are vertical. Add a well fitted stylish trouser to the whole ensemble and that’s it! A simple issue which often turns into a fashion faux pas is the color of your shoes and belt. It pretty simple, just keep them monotone, it works wonders! Next comes the tie. You need not always pick a shade which somewhat is similar to your shirt, just stick to something which compliments it. Add a stylish work jacket to it and there you go, sheer elegance! Last but not the least always remember, clothes doesn’t make a man, it is you who carries the clothes. Hence, look fabulous and feel fabulous, and you’ll sure make heads turn as you pass.