Gold-filled jewelry a better alternative than gold-plated jewelry as per law gold-filled jewelry is required to have one-twentieth by weight of solid gold when used for making jewelry; The outer layer is made of gold wire either of 10 carat (kt), 12 kt or 14 kt is bonded to the base metal by applying Heat and pressure.
The base metal is the same alloy as used to convert the 24 kt gold into different carats such 14 kt, 10 kt etc .Thus making the exterior of the jewelry of solid gold and protecting it from being tarnished like other gold-plated jewelry.

Given the fluctuation in the gold price, Gold-filled jewelry is best alternative as you can distribute the amount and buy multiple ornaments for the same price as that of buying one ornament which is 100 percent, solid-gold jewelry that too without compromising on the finishing of the articles and design.