Belly button ring, fashion accessoryThe state of fashion changes every day. Being in line in the crazy world of fashion and keeping oneself up-to-date has become very much necessary these days. Women have thousands of options to choose from to make one look glamorous and in style. Belly button rings have been popular for many years now and they still are a huge craze. If you have a washboard flat abs, do show it off with a hint of glamour as well.

A belly button rig or stud will enhance your look completely. They are rebellious, fashionable and wild and can make any outfit look great. Getting your belly button pierced also isn’t that big an issue too. But you need to be careful about the aftercare as the area would need about 2 to 3 weeks to heal. After that only you can wear whatever you like. Also avoid spicy and sour foods during the healing time. Also be hygienic or to could lead to infections or a septic.