While some girls opt for a size zero figures others feel that real woman should have curves. So if you are curvy you need not get worried about getting the right kind of clothes. The best option for a curvy woman is to wear a Polly top. Polly tops look trendy and uber cool if you are curvy. These feature deep necklines, three quarter sleeves and a handkerchief hemline. You can also wear a ruched sleeve top.

Well fitted sheath dresses would look great on curvy women as they help to complement their curvy figures. Short fitted jackets will complement their waist and the legs. Curvy women should draw lots of attention to their narrow waists. If you do not want the shape of your curves to get noticed then you should opt to wear darker bottom and a light colored top. As for skirts, a curvy woman should always go for pencil skirts and A-line skirts.