Astrologers are of the opinion that different birthstone gems are related to different sun signs. Starting with the top of the order the birthstone gems for Aries are diamond and bloodstone. The birthstone gems for Taurus are emerald, amber, coral and sapphire. The birthstone gems for Gemini are Pearl, Moonstone or White Sapphire. Next up is Cancer whose birthstone gems include pearl, ruby and emerald. The fifth sun sign is Leo whose birthstone gems are onyx, golden topaz and peridot.

The next sun sign after Leo is Virgo whose birthstone gems include jade or blue sapphire. The next sun sign is Libra and its birthstone gems are opal and lapis lazuli. The birthstone gems for Scorpio include coral and topaz. The sun sign that comes after Scorpio is Sagittarius. The birthstone gems for this sun sign are turquoise, amethyst and ruby. Capricorn follows Sagittarius. The birthstones for Capricorn are garnet, black onyx and ruby. Capricorn is followed by Aquarius whose birthstone gems are amethyst and opal. The last member of the family is Pisces whose birthstone gems include aquamarine, jade and sapphire.