You can use loose pearls for making necklaces to earrings or bracelets. Prior to looking for loose pearls you should decide how you want to use the pearls.

Drilled or Undrilled

While purchasing loose pearls you should specify whether you like your pearls to be drilled or undrilled. Drilled pearls are drilled through the pearl center all the way, drilled twice, through the side or halfway through your pearl.


Loose pearls are available in natural as well as processed colors. The natural colors are white, mauve, pink or black. The processed colors are red, gold or brown, green among others.


Pearls are available in multiple sizes. The smallest pearls known as “seed pearls” are around one millimeter, while some large pearls can be about 20 millimeters. The popular size for the loose pearls is about seven to 7.5 millimeters and any size more than eight millimeters can be considered as high-end.