Necklace Style

A pearl necklace enhances your outfit. Find out about necklace style which most flatters your face shape as well as neck length. Select from opera or princess, a choker or a dog collar, among with other styles of varying lengths. The style and also the color of dress which you’re wearing and the occasion should also be considered.

Type of Pearls

Select the type from a variety of pearls which suits best to your personal style. The round pearls are generally used for traditional dog collars which are appropriate for sophisticated styles whereas the rice pearls are used for a more casual style.

Judge the Quality

The quality of your pearl necklace can be judged according to the luster as well as fineness, matching shapes along with craftsmanship. You should check whether the pearl strand has been knotted on every side of pearls, so that the pearls don’t get scratched.