Tips top maintain pearl, pearl careThe porous nature of pearls may result in it suffering from damage. Hence proper care and protection becomes basic. Wipe them, each and every time after you use them. Also put them on at last, after you are absolutely ready to move out. Apply oil, perfumes, hair products, soap, cosmetics and other chemical products before wearing your precious pearls as all of them posses the capacity to cause severe damage to the pearls. It is imperative to remember that using jewellery cleaners on pearls is an act of a ninny-hammer.

Wearing pearls is considered beneficial as they absorb the natural body oils. To keep the pearls intact one should wipe them after every use so that they don’t become brittle. A couch or a pearl store box must be used always and plastic bags are a serious no for keeping pearls. The store box should have a small water pouch inside so that pearls can absorb them and maintain their beauty. Restore the pearls by taken them to the jeweller’s every three to five years.