Deciding gold quality of jewelry is very easy because by law, each jewelry piece sold within the United States should have a stamp with the gold karatage. Find out the stamp on the gold jewelry piece you want to check. The stamp must indicate the karatage as well as the metal type.

For rings, this gold stamp is usually on the inner side of the band. Necklaces or bracelets are generally stamped on or nearby the clasp. Earrings have this stamp on the closure of the earring or inside the earring hoop.

Examine the gold stamp with your magnifying glass to note the gold quality indicated in a well-lit place. According to the rules of FCC, anything which is marked “Gold” with no indication of a certain karatage is pure or 24kt gold. The other quality indications can be 22kt gold or 18kt gold or 14kt gold and 10kt gold.