Silver, Blue or White

You can use the colors of silver icicles, blue sky and white snow for the January wedding. Bridesmaids look cool in light blue bridesmaid dresses. A silver ribbon tied around the bride’s waist helps in adding shine and glitter to her dress. You can use silver and crystal beads in bridal bouquet. The groom as well as groomsmen can wear steel blue ties with silver cuff links.

Gemstone Colors

The rich and deep red color of garnet gemstone when mixed with emerald green or sapphire blue gemstone creates a dramatic color scheme for wedding. Velvet bridesmaid dresses wearing these rich colors have a sophisticated look. Glittering rhinestones can be added to bridesmaid bouquets with glimmer crystals added to the bride’s bouquet. For reception, dinner tables can be named after gemstones and gemstones can be scattered in the center of the table, around a vase of colored ostrich feathers.