Finding the right jewelry to go with particular dress is more often than not time consuming especially so while you are already getting late. Well how about creating a drawer for your jewelry box which is not at all costly yet very convenient to use. Rearrange the contents of an upper dresser drawer and make room for a jewelry bow drawer. Use clear plastic bins of various sizes to house different jewelry; it will be easy to spot your required jewelry.

Empty the dresser drawer and wipe it clean with dampened cloth. Check out the empty bins to ensure they will fit inside the drawer, if you’re looking for items around your home use then Muffin pans are another great alternative to clear plastic bins. The smaller items can be stored in them. Finer jewelry such as Silver should be securely stored separately in re-sealable plastic containers to prevent tarnishing. Organize your jewelry in such as way that your most-used pieces are placed on top.