Sometimes being creative and designing your own gown for the wedding is both challenging and rewarding. It’s very gratifying to see your own design come to life. The beauty of self designing is that you’re aware of what complements your figure and reflects your style and taste.

To begin with, look through bridal magazines and tear out images or few details like the strap detail or ruffle of gowns that you think will flatter your shape find elements you want to incorporate into your own design. Print off any dresses that really catch your eye. Visit bridal stores and trying on different gowns to know what suits you.

Visit fabric stores and take samples or swatches of materials. Decide on colors of laces or silks. Begin sketching designs, considering the elements you liked from other dresses. As you sketch, one or two dresses will become the most favorable. Keep re-working until you are happy with the final result.