Contrary to what people may think, creating crystal bracelets are often cheap, and it gives you a creative edge to the bracelet. You can easily buy crystal beads at a shop and start your own design of a crystal bracelet. There are all kinds of style and color of crystal beads. You will also find crystal beads off varying size. Choose crystal beads according to your choice of crystal bracelet.

Start your design by getting a chain and put dangles according to the distance you desire. If you want a short dangle, you can do so by having crystals at a short distance, or else go for longer dangles if you want crystals at a considerable distance. Put crystals on the chain with dangles intact, and tie the knot at the end.

If you are a beginner and want to create your own crystal bracelet, always follow the basic bracelet design, so that you won’t have to grapple unnecessary with the implementation of various deigns.