Turquoise is highly regarded for its beauty and color. Be it an ornate piece or just a simple design it is always exquisite. Turquoise was once only adorned by kings and queen, in recent times it is being fashioned for everyone. Turquoise jewelry was found in Egyptian tombs as far back as 3500 B.C According to Persian traders, turquoise provided protection and magical powers to attract fortune, wealth and love as well

Iran is known to have the highest quality of turquoise; Arizona ranks next and is also noted for mining the high quality turquoise. South America and China however produce turquoise of moderate grade

Turquoise being hardest and very dense can be cut and polished in their natural state to make jewelry. The alcohol content present in the cosmetic can affect the actual color of turquoise. While buying, ask for written documentation in regards to price and authenticity to avoid fraud.