Dressing tips, fashion tipsYou need to dress according to the kind of occasions you are going to attend and also according to the time of the function. Your dress patterns and colors will change according to the time of the day and according to the seasons. If you are going to attend a formal party, make sure you wear something elegant and also of the latest trends.

Elegance is the major trait of elegant dressing. If you are going for someone’s wedding you obviously should not wear jeans and a t-shirt. Elegant gowns with beautiful floral patterns, some jewellery like necklaces and ear studs will suit well. If you are going to some formal occasions, make sure you look smart and trendy at a time. Do not wear very heavy jewellery such that you look tacky. Keep it simple but beautiful. For formal occasions you have to carry yourself and your dress must reflect your personality. You should also select your dress depending on who is giving the party and what kind of guests will be coming.