Mikimoto pearls are the first cultured pearls created in 1893. They are best quality cultured pearls in the market because of their specific sorting as well as grading system. To be sure when buying authentic jewelry with Mikimoto pearls, look for capital M present on the clasp. The professional jeweler can determine whether pearls are authentic looking under the magnifying lens. The Mikimoto pearls are having distinct striations.

When purchasing pearls, you should always ask for grading certificate for insurance purposes and also for the guarantee of quality of the pearls.

The important factors in the grading of the pearls are the luster as well as surface. Among four grades of the Mikimoto pearls, AAA is the highest and the most valuable. Other grades are AA, A+, A. Also these pearls have four sub-grades for their surface, telling you how high the pearl is ranked. All these Mikimoto pearls have a great luster.