Malay is a predominant ethnic group of Malaysia just south of Thailand. They are defined as Muslim by Malaysian law. Most are from Sunni branch. A traditional Malay wedding lasts a few days consisting of many various ceremonies with gifts being exchanged at most of the events from groom to bride as well as from bride to groom and gifts given by the family and friends to the newlyweds. On the engagement ceremony the groom’s family brings gifts including expensive articles such as gold or diamond ring and sometimes a Sirih meminang, a beetle leaf container packaged attractively for the Bride. The brides family too presents many gifts, usually outnumbers the gifts they’ve received.

Traditionally, the Bride’s family gifted Bunga telur (boiled-egg wrapped in decorations) to guests as symbol of fertility. Nowadays chocolates are given instead. Finally the couple is bestowed with gifts and loads of good wishes by the guests.