Tutu Dresses, child fashionIf your child has a special dance occasion coming up or if you are thinking of making a costume for your baby girl then a tutu dress is a great idea. If you make a tutu dress for your girl then not only will it be graceful but it will also stand out from the rest. Instead of buying a readymade tutu dress, you should try and make one yourself for your kid. You can try out various materials but the netted fabric is the best for this kind of a dress.

You can try any color instead of sticking to traditional pink. Magenta is an attractive color and can look lovely on little girls. To make your girl feel like a princess, you should also buy some fabric glitter to glam up the outfit. You can also choose colors like Prussian blue or lilac or even red for that edgy look. The length of the skirt can be adjusted as per requirement. For the top, sew a normal t-shirt cut out as a tank top which matches the color of the skirt.