Red Trench CoatRed is a very expressive color. One can do wonders with the help of red in clothing to create a bold and dramatic classy look. If you’re planning to buy a trench coat, go for red. Bright red, blood red or even darker mahogany red trench coats can look wonderful. Accessorizing it well is the key to carrying off the outfit with class.

You can try putting on a simple t shirt or a sleeveless top under the trench coat. The t shirt should be well fitted. You could go for a pair of skinny jeans or even leggings with the tee.  Always go for plain colored jeans or leggings with your red trench coat. Colors like black or white and beige would look best with red. For the shoes, always rely on high heels. You could go with wedge heels, or ankle length boots. Team it up with an oversized bag and a pair of oversized glares to complete the look.