Types of hats, fashion tipsA hat is an easily available and inexpensive accessory that can bring in a great difference in your outlook whether you are dressing for a casual or formal event. When we talk about men’s fashion, it is the icing on the cake.

There are many varieties of hats for both men and women that one can choose from. These are available in different materials and fabrics to suit any climate. Some of the most popular hats for men are newsboy caps that can be found in a wool blend, corduroy, leather and tweed; the Fedora and Trillby hats which are common in rainy climates; the flat caps which was a popular style among the working class people of UK in the early period of 1900s and lastly the Bowler or Derby hats which are best for travel purposes. Among the types of ladies hats, the popular picks are Berets, cloth sun hat and Raffia straw hats.