Fashion accessories, fashion tipsThe boots are a very classy aristocratic items of fashion. But the boots are hardly wore alone. The linen stockings that were worn mostly in the 17th century are the hose. But still today people prefer wearing the boots along with the hose. It is something like that the boots and the hose are a wonderful pair made in heaven. The boot and hose are available in various designs and you will get hose in matching to your boots. Even in some cases, the boots and the hose come together as a pair.

The hose may be with or without laces. Mainly in the mid century, the boot and hose were much prevalent and was a aristocratic fashion statement. But still today it can be seen many people wearing the boots and the hose. They are mostly seen in the fashion shows as the boots and the hose go well with few designer dresses. So it can be rightly termed that the boot and hose are a pair made in heaven and still together in the earth.