Gone are the days when gloves were only restricted to the winters. Wearing gloves just to protect your fingers is no longer the only reason people are buying them anymore, as can be proved from the high all year round sales of gloves.

Gloves have become an important fashion accessory these days. No glam look is complete without the right kind of gloves to suit your dress and style. Move apart from the woolen ones, silk and net gloves are hear that add to your glamour quotient without making your palms sweat.

Wearing high ended gloves is something that is regularly seen in the red carpet, with celebs pairing them up with beautiful flowing gowns. Net gloves go well with ultra sexy party dresses and will make you look like the diva about to give a star performance.

So if you want to look sexy and glamorous or want to add a touch of class to our outfit, go for the latest gloves in the market. There is plenty to choose from so bring home the ones that suit your style.