It is not a very difficult task to bring back shine on your old jewellery that might have lost its glow due to excessive use or from being kept in storage for a long time and not using align=”left” style=”padding-right:10px”it. There are a few steps you need to follow to ensure your old jewellery shines as bright as the new ones.

Any jewellery irrespective of the kind of stone it has embedded you need to makes sure it’s not loose when you clean it. You can use a sharp pin to edge in between the curves of the stone and the jewellery set to clean the gaps. After cleaning you have to make sure you put the right pieces back to where it fits else the entire set will just become a faulty one. You can use specially made solutions to clean your set and scrub gently after which you wipe off the water using a clean dry towel by gently rubbing the surfaces. To dry the interiors and edges you can use a toothpick or a pipe cleaner as well.