With the price of gold and platinum jewelries shooting through the roofs not many people can afford it nowadays.

And this has led to the overwhelming popularity of fashion and costume jewelry.

These jewelries can make you look absolutely ravishing at very little price.

However, keeping fashion jewelry clean is very important.

Here are some tips to keep fashion jewelry clean.

Jewelry maintenance, jewelry
To clean your fashion jewelry you need to use a really good cleaning solution.

Remember to avoid vinegar and ammonia while cleaning the jewelries.

Try to use a cleaning solution that will help you clean the smudges from the jewelry.

Gently brush the fashion jewelry with a soft toothbrush, this will prevent scratching.

Buffing and dusting the jewelries with the brush is important.

If there are residues in the encrusted parts of the jewelry, use a wooden toothpick to clean them.

After cleaning the jewelries, dry them fast.

Otherwise the jewelries will rust.