Some sexy lingerie in your wardrobe would help you enjoy an amazing night with your man. Getting the perfect lingerie that fits your body perfectly is not about getting tight lingerie but to get that lingerie altered according to the curves of your body. So when you go to buy one do not get carried away by that slim model in the lingerie advertisement. You need to feel comfortable in your lingerie and not blindly imitate the models.

It is better if you get the measurements of your body done by a tailor. That way you will have a fair idea about your size and it will in turn help you choose the perfect lingerie. You must decide at the back of your mind as to what kind of lingerie you are looking forward to buy. The usual five varieties are corset, bustier, babydoll, chemise and negligee. If you are not sure you can browse through the websites to get a fair idea about the lingerie that you are going to buy