How to dress up like a celeb on a budget
One can only admire and marvel at the celebrities when they walk down the red carpet at the premiere of a movie or at an award function dressed exquisitely.

Be it a strapping suit or a beautiful flowing gown with intricate work, the designers ensure the fact that they all look stunning. However, a dress from Prada or a suit from Georgio Armani costs a fortune often making it out of reach for a common human being.

But that in no way means that you can’t look as good as them. The clothes are as good as you are and the first thing that needs to be kept in mind while selecting a dress for yourself is whether it fits you properly.

A loose fitting or extremely tight fitting outfit can make you look horrible and you will be labeled as a fashion disaster. Choosing a proper shade in accordance with your skin complexion is equally essential.

Simple and classy jewelry is always preferred over junk. And last but not least, expensive clothes don’t guarantee that you will look beautiful. Select what looks best on you ensuring a second glance when you walk by.