Beach weddings fit with having a tropical theme, which can be incorporated easily into the attire. Destination Weddings suggest that for weddings in a tropical location groomsmen should wear Hawaiian shirts and bridesmaids should wear sarongs.


Mountain locations are normally cold and need layers. Snow may require goose down coats as well as fur, which can be an interesting element in wedding gowns. Nature lovers can wear hiking outfits along with boots.


City and metropolitan areas which are relatively formal, having hotel halls, banquet areas providing an upscale atmosphere. In this area trendy clothing fits well, having well-fitted clothes to match the high standard of the area.

A wedding location in the woods gives elegant feel compared to most locations and it is suited more to suits with ties. Brides look well-suited in off-white hues with lace, and bridesmaids should wear emerald greens or any other dark colors.