Every Jewish couple has to sign the ketubah, or marriage contract, before the ceremony. The ketubah can be decorated, reflecting the interests and tastes of the couple. The ketubah’s beauty and gift value comes from the decorations, which are done in watercolor or acrylic or using mixed media, also filigree paper cut is popular. The tradition of to decorate this ketubah dates back to the 10th century. A ketubah may be expensive, so you should consider giving it as the group gift with friends.

Challah Board with Knife

A challah means the braided bread loaf blessed and which you should eat on the Sabbath and many Jewish holidays. Jewish people have the concept known as “hiddur mitzvah”. Help the couple for extending this concept to this ritual blessing using bread by giving the couple a challah board with knife. A challah board is generally wooden and comes in a set including a knife.