WeddingsFirst apply concealer, starting underneath the eyes with a small brush, lightly patting the concealer on the dark areas under your eye, including both corners of the eyes. Then apply the foundation, starting from the center of the face working outward, also including the eyelids. Blend it well so that no makeup lines are visible.

Apply blush on your cheeks, on the area which sticks out when smiling. Using the sponge applicator which comes with the eyeshadow, apply the medium color eyeshadow over the eye lid part of each eye. Next using the lightest color, apply eyeshadow over the brow area.

Line the bottom eyelid and outside area of the top lid using charcoal eyeliner. Waterproof mascara should be applied over the eyelashes. Then apply a lip color which is somewhat brighter than the dress you wear and then blot the lips with tissue paper. Then apply lip gloss.