Tips to maintain leather boots, leather bootsLeather boots are always an aristocratic thing. It has a gorgeous look of its own. But to have that look always you have to maintain your boots properly otherwise it may not look that gorgeous and aristocratic. Leathers are normally worst affected when they come in contact with water. Though some leather shoes are said to be water proof, still it is always better to keep the boots as much as possible away from water.

If accidentally your boots gets soaked in water, then you should immediately wipe it dry and then should polish it properly. Other than these your boots may sometimes catch stains which at times may not be easy to remove. In such a case a proper leather conditioner should be used to clean the stains. Other than all these, regular maintenance should be done. Always clean the boots with dry cloth to shed off the dirt if it is not too much. Because it doesn’t matter how much expensive the conditioner is, frequent use may affect the leather surface even leading to cracks.