To create an old Wild Western look or that of cowgirl, the button like looking metal Conchos are best suited. These are often used to make belts or jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets etc. One can create as personalized design as one wants to.

Make the Concho necklaces using one or multiple strings of leather small sized Conchos. Use Turquoise stones in it to further enhance the look .Couple it with a bracelet with the same combination as u used for making the necklace or can consider making it in contrast to it. Other stones such as yellow or red stone or bead can also be used. Smaller Conchos can be used to create a ring entirely out of the metal buttons with alternating square or rectangular shapes to give it more flair.

Finally the Concho belts that the Concho jewelry became famous with. Engraved, molded or Conchos with beads or stones inside it can be used to create your own Concho belt