Hemp, the naturally grown material around the world is used to weave jewelry such as necklaces, wrist bands, leg bands or head bands. To create one, take hemp twine and cut out two pieces of equal length forming the base pieces for your jewelry.

Cut two more, five or six times longer than the base pieces make the spirals for your jewelry. Take one of your knotting pieces and place it parallel to the right of the right base piece and repeat the same with the left knot, ensure both line up with their respective top end.

Start at the top of your right knotting piece. Pick it up and fold below it over your two base pieces. Tuck the end of the right knotting piece under your left knotting piece. Repeat the same with left knotting piece. Finish by looping the left knotting piece’s end over and on top of your red outside piece. Pull both knotting pieces tight to form your first spiral knot. Repeat the preceding two steps to complete the knots for your piece of spiral jewelry.