Friends and families love wearing macramé bracelets also known as friendship bracelets. This fashionable handmade jewelry is a simple style of knotting with adjustable cords so that one-size-fits-all allowing the wearer to adjust the size without damaging the design of the bracelet

Cut a 10-inch and a 20-inch piece from a cord of 100 inches and match the centers. Leave the rest of the 70 inches of cord intact. Lay the center of 10-inch cord on the other two cords. Slip end pieces of the 10-inch cord around the two longer pieces and pull them together tightly.

With a masking tape anchor the cords on a table. Pull the 20 and 50 inch cords firmly to straighten, and tape the 70-inch piece to the surface at the bottom. Leave the end pieces of the 20-inch cord piece should be left free.

Wrap the left end piece under the middle 70-inch piece and the right end piece under the 70-inch center piece and pull them tightly together making 20 knots. Add beads, if desired and finish it with a final full knot. Use the opposite end for a slip knot to create the adjustable closure.