Bridal hair jewelry need to be picked based on whether or not you are wearing a veil for the wedding. Bridal hair jewelry namely a comb, pin, barrette or headband base are made using metal, plastic, stone, glass or gems etc. Bridal hair jewelry is readily available.

To create your own bridal hair comb, find a metal hair comb with a thick, plain and flat bar across the top about 3 to 5 inches wide and 1 to 2 inches tall. Remove general dirt and oil. Place it on a clean rag, comb prongs pointing down. Dab superglue on the flat back of a clear rhinestone and secure it to the top left corner of the comb. Create a straight, vertical line down the top bar of the hair comb. Continue with pink rhinestones to create a similar parallel line on the hair comb. Keep them close together. Repeat as needed, interchanging clear and pink rhinestone lines across the top of the hair comb and let dry.