A nose stud gives that accentuating look perfect for some of the occasions. You don’t have to necessarily have your nose pierced and suffer in pain to be able wear a nose stud in the party. Thankfully there are good options available. Have some fake nose studs created that look like the real thing .explore your local craft stores the embellishments you might want on your nose.

Choose a small metal piece like a rhinestone, round stud or other type of embellishment that has flat-back. Apply an eyelash glue or spirit gum onto its back.

Place the stud onto your nose and hold into place for about a minute. Remove your hand and show off your new nose ring. Alternately you may also attach a piece of clear double-sided medical tape to the back of the embellishment and trim the edges of the tape around the stud. When you want to put the stud onto your nose, just push it firmly into the skin.