Moissanite Jewelry, unique jewelryMoissanite jewels are very rare. Not many people know about its existence. Only those who have a real fetish for jewels and jewellery have heard about this unique collection called moissanite jewelry. It is not a diamond but it looks like a diamond. In reality it is a mineral that looks like other jewels. Henri Moissan, a scientist by profession was the first person who discovered this mineral and hence it was named after him. At first he confused it with diamond itself because it was so transparent and also had a tinted yellowish green color which resembles the characteristics of a diamond.

Many years later after detailed study and inspection, it was fond that it did not have the same characteristics of diamond and that it was a mineral and not a stone at all. The commercialization of the moissanite jewelry came about after Charles and Colvard helped people know about this unique piece of jewelry.