Shoes are the most important part of the footwear. The right shoes for the right occasion are really very important as they will add beauty to your personality. There are different types of shoes with different designs which are available in the market. The different designs include canvas shoes, sports shoes, leather shoes, open-toe shoes, rubber shoes, sneakers, high heels, formal shoes and many more.

If you are going for a formal meeting then formal shoes should be worn. If you are going for a walk then you should wear sports shoes. So you should be very careful about selecting the right footwear before stepping out of your home. You should always make sure to wear shoes according to the season also. Summer wear shoes are different from winter wear shoes. You should buy shoes of good material so that it can be used for very long time. A pair of peep toes, sneakers and kitten heels are a must have so that you have the right footwear for every occasion.