Nose studs are highly popular today especially among the young beauties. These little pretty nose jewelries look very stylish and chic and also add up to your glamour quotient. Besides, they go with any attire and are equally suitable for your casual daily outings or any special occasion.

The gold nose studs are very common. Otherwise you can also opt for the platinum, though they are little costly. However, the latest trend is towards sterling silver. But avoid the nickel and copper options since they can stir allergic reactions.

A diamond nose stud looks the best. The petite sparkling diamond is enough to dazzle up your entire face drawing millions of attentions towards you. Then you also have the twinkling crystal studs. They are available in numerous designs and colors. But make sure to get the piercing from a reputed hand. In case, you are scared of piercing your nose, you can opt for the magnetic nose studs.