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To adorn oneself and make oneself look beautiful is the desire of all. Wearing the appropriate cloths, foot wear, hats can all go in vain if not teamed up with the impeccable jewellery. The right jewellery gives a perfect last touch to the entire dress code to make it complete. When mix and matching, the right jewellery with the clothing one should consider a number of stuff to make the best out of it.

The colour, size, ratio and proportion, weight are important considerations. While choosing the earrings check your hair colour. Selecting jewellery according to the occasion and event is necessary. If your aim is to attain sophistication then remember less is always more. The flaunting of jewellery of ten is considered imperative in case of royal weddings and such ceremonies. In case of smaller events like a product launch the less is good to avoid tensions of the burglars. A simple and single gold chain can be good enough.