Different types of gold jewelry, gold jewelryOne of the most popular kinds of gold jewelry is white gold. To some, white gold may appear as platinum or silver but in reality these gold are alloys of karat gold with a tinge of white. They may be pale yellow, tinted brown, light grey or they may even have the color of pale rose. Usually, there is a plating of rhodium on these off white gold jewelry and that is created by an alloy of nickel and gold. Then, there is the traditional yellow gold.

The gold will be bright yellow in color if it is made of 24 karat and 100 percent purity. This version of gold is very versatile and they are quite malleable. They can perfect for all kinds of jewelry. Gold can also be found in rose or pink. This version is prone to scratches as they are very soft. Copper is used as a base metal for making it strong.