The jewelry that was once your favorite but is now broken can either be sold off or be used to create expensive looking articles such as wall art or jeweled picture frames etc. The crafting of the article can be decided based on the collection of the broken prices.

Pick a white picture frame if handy else you can buy one. Dab some glue and press the old jewelry pieces onto it. If there are few gems, scatter them all over the frame or repeat them in a pattern such as two pearls line followed by one red gem until the frame is completed. Vintage plates, soap dishes, vases, lampshades and other household items can also be decorated using method.

Got broken broaches, well take a colored piece of card paper Scrapbook paper from any craft or dollar store along with old pins, pearls, broaches and gems and glue them together.voila1 the wonderful wall are is ready to decorate your walls