Charms are as hot jewelry trend and an easy look for anyone. Select carefully to show the world what’s important to you. Charms are easily available in varied materials and themes that range from engraved words, symbols and figurative images. Keep it simple while sporting light, sheer clothing. Something like a small metal charm on a thin metal chain with swim or beach wears

In summer, replace metal with natural materials such as wood. Pile on some wooden bangles to show off a tanned arm for an earthy, natural look. Beads made of bamboo are very light in weight thereby making a perfect choice for warmer temperatures. Each piece is a work of art with its own unique ring structure and design. Plus it’s considered as good omen for strength and good luck apart from being eco-friendly jewelry.

Natural stone jewelry such as turquoise and coral too are a popular choice and look stunning when paired with cool, cotton tops