Selecting the right jewelry to go just right with the wedding gown is very important as it may make or mar the look. Just keep few things in mind and you’ll be sparkling with the perfect pieces in no time.

Diamonds are usually the way to go since they add sparkle to your overall look. Select studs for loose hair and drop or long elegant earrings if you knot hair up or have shorter hair.

Heavier, complicated pieces compliment traditional wedding gown. Pearls are a classic look with jewel-encrusted, full-neck chokers. The vintage pieces look spectacular with Victorian or other vintage-style dresses.

Complement a non-traditional look with non-traditional jewelry Marcasite, and deep red rubies are stunning on Gothic brides while cameos from lace or velvet are great when paired with Regency or Victorian style gowns. Borrow an heirloom piece to wear down the aisle. Wearing a piece of jewelry that has been passed down through your family will add value. Upgrade a signature piece for wedding. If you’re known for wearing one