Rings, necklaces and bracelets look stunningly beautiful when adorned with Emeralds. They are the birthstone of May representing the astrological sign, Taurus. Although these stones are mined in places such as Russia, Pakistan and India, but the highest quality emeralds are from Columbia. To recognize a quality stone look at the color. A high-quality emerald will be vivid green and bright. The clarity and cut determines its price. With a few to no inclusions are considered the best emeralds. Inclusions are foreign bodies within the stone that are visible and make the stone look cloudy.

Most emeralds are in an “emerald” cut that brings out its beauty the most. Emeralds are cut into different shapes too such as princess, pear or round brilliant. Hold it against the light to ensure it reflects light equally from each surface.
While buying, compare the prices at different stores and the check the certification from the most reliable labs such as GIA, AGL, AGTA, GRS or Gubelin that certify the quality and authenticity of a stone