Eye-catching statement jewelry can work wonders to promote your cause, inspire others and add exuberance to your wardrobe.

Mark the designs in the magazines and jewelry catalogs that appeal to you. While Searching online bookmark any pages that contain your type of statement jewelry that you would like to purchase or have personalized. Check out the companies that sell statement jewelry and compare price along with the extra charges such as sales tax, personalization fees, and shipping and handling etc.

Determine which type and color of beads work best for you. Use a variety of materials in unusual sizes and eye catching colors to design accessories around your wardrobe to maximize their impact Choose clothing and hairstyles that accentuate the statement jewelry.

Crop or pull up hair to show off inspirational earrings. Wear necklines that flatter pendants and charms. Pair bold colors with patterned shirts and dresses to make wardrobes pop.