The modern man now wears silver ear studs like women. The ear studs are a style statement. Most men wear ear studs in one ear. Some of them also wear these on both ears. Men’s ear studs are back in fashion.

Some people may have been concerned whether the ear stud will fit in an office space. According to a website which writes about men, the ear stud does not cause any problem in an office setting. It is advisable though to wear something small that is difficult to notice. This way you can avoid creating any distraction.

Men have been wearing jewellery from a long time in history. Many people have misconceptions about ear piercing. For instance, many say piercing your left ear means that you are homosexual. Fashion experts say that there is no such fixed notion. You can pierce whichever ear you want to. The silver ear stud is a nice pick as they are discreet and yet makes a fashion statement.